At Bacto, your safety is our concern. That is why we dedicate so much time and money into developing the safest product range designed around the safest work practices for our customers. Quality checks often see every product in a range being individually tested to conform to our high standards. Many say that this is not necessary, but we take your safety seriously.


Catagories that need to be addressed in your lab include:

Safe Storage of Dangerous Goods

Safety Cabinets

Protective apparel for handling dangerous goods

Safety Glasses
Gloves, Disposable & Reuseable
Ear Protection
Disposable Clothing, Caps & Overshoes

Sorbents & Spill Kits to handle all spills

Sorbents & Spill Kits

Safe disposal of dangerous goods

Sharps Bins
Broken Glass Bins
Contaminated Waste Bins

Decontamination & Cleaning

Autoclave Sterilisation
Detergent cleaners
Paper Absorbents

Emergency eye treatment

Eye Wash Stations

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