Our Comprehensive Range Of Chemicals

Chem Supply

The Chem-Supply brand covers a range of analytical and laboratory chemicals which include a comprehensive offering of popular dry chemicals, pH buffers, volumetric solutions and solvents.


Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of solvents, reagents and chemicals with industry leading brands such as Honeywell Fluka™, including the flagship Hydranal™ range, Honeywell Burdick & Jackson™ and Honeywell Riedel-de Haën™.

RCI Labscan

RCI Labscan offers an extensive range of acids, solvents and dry chemicals for analytical purposes.


The Scharlau brand complements the Chem-Supply brand with an extensive product range that includes HPLC and GC Solvents, Karl Fischer reagents and reagents for AA and ICP testing. The range also includes microbiological media.

ACROS Organics

ACROS Organics has a range of specialised products used primarily in universities and research organisations.


Decon is a leading manufacturer of excellent laboratory detergents in the UK, we stock their full range at affordable prices.

Precision Laboratories

Precision Laboratories has a specialised range of non-bleeding strips for pH testing and specialty testing,that are used predominately in the environmental and education areas.

Ajax Chemicals

Ajax has supplied quality chemicals to the Australian scientific industry for over 50 years. Ajax is recognised as a leading manufacturer of quality reagents, solvents & acids. Ajax products are used in many industries including Research & Testing Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food & Petrochemicals. From quality control to production, Ajax products deliver exceptional value & performance. Ajax products are well recognised & accepted in overseas markets & are currently exporting products to over twelve countries in Asia, Middle East & Pacific regions.