Culture Media

Dehydrated Culture Media 

At bacto we have been selling culture media for over 50 years. BD Difco™ and BD BBL™ brand dehydrated culture media (DCM), media additives and peptones/hydrolysates give our customers the confidence they need to deliver the highest-quality products and test results using consistent, superior media in laboratory testing. Whether this testing is for food, water, pharmaceutical/biotech production or university research, our media offer a proven record of performance backed by nearly two centuries of combined BD Difco and BD BBL expertise.

Prepared Culture Media

With over 30 years experience in manufacturing prepared culture media, Micromedia manufacture to the highest standard and can be supplied with a Certificate of Analysis issued by an independent testing laboratory accredited to ISO 17025. We realize that reliability and efficiency are integral to your organization’s success and that is why all of our prepared media is manufactured with the Difco™/BBL™ range of high quality media.
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