Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

We have a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability. Our aim is to be a role model in environmental sustainability.

We're committed to:

  • driving a culture of continuous environmental improvement with a focus on fuel and energy efficiency
  • actively pursuing renewable or lower-carbon fuels and energy sources
  • understanding and managing our environmental risks with the goal of minimising or eliminating those risks
  • ensuring the environment is considered in our investment and corporate strategies, procurement and the products and services we offer
  • actively working to minimise pollution, manage waste streams and address relevant biodiversity issues
  • engaging with our customers, employees and shareholder on environmental issues and transparently reporting on our environmental performance
  • complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements

Our Environment Policy reinforces our commitment and precautionary approach to environmental sustainability. It also demonstrates our understanding that our actions are important to our customers and our people, as well as our business outcomes.

Recent Environmental Project

AIM: To become energy self-sufficient.

PROJECT: An independent energy audit was undertaken with the aim of becoming energy self-sufficient within our warehouse and office complex. As part of this program the following upgrades took place:

  1. a new energy efficient ducted air conditioner was installed for the offices, &
  2. all lighting in the warehouses and offices were changed to energy efficient LED lights, &
  3. our cool room cooling system was upgraded to a modern energy efficient system, &
  4. 4 new skylights were installed in the warehouse, &
  5. solar panels were installed covering the roof space our bulk warehouse.

RESULT: By dramatically reducing our energy consumption and installing a solar system large enough to cater for our expected power needs, we were able to produce enough electricity to power our office & warehouse complex with minimal need to draw from the power grid and during weekends we produce enough surplus electricity to feed back into the grid. Evidence of this was shown on a recent quarterly electricity bill for our whole office and warehouse complex which was a total of $38.65.