PProfessional IR Gun Style Thermometer with mini K-Type connection

TN425LBE (with dual laser pointers showing the measurement spot edges)
IR Thermometer: Extended Temp Range of -60~1,500°C; res 0.1oC; Acc: ±2°C or ±2%.
Distance to Spot Ratio: D:S=50:1 (at 1m distance you are reading a 2cm spot)
Thermocouple: mini K- type socket for external sensor/probe testing (-64 to 1400°C)*.
Features: Dual display for temp & Min, Max, Ave, Dif, Hi/Lo Alarm, or Probe display;
Adjustable Emissivity for increased job specific accuracy; backlit display.

TN425LBE: IR Thermometer in hard carry case

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2-in-1, IR Gun Thermometer with Thermocouple Connection, 1,500°C

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