IR Gun Style Thermometer with mini K-Type connection

These stylish hand held IR thermometers offer laser sighting for easy use and offer the best of both worlds as they doubles as an insertion probe thermometer with a mini K-Type thermocouple connection neatly positioned in the handle to make them the ultimate units.

Simply use the IR function for rapid testing of samples and when an exception result is found use the optional probe to perform a core sample temperature measurement.

TN408LC (with single laser pointer showing the measurement spot center) IR Thermometer:
Temp Range of -60~500°C; res 0.1oC; Acc: ±2°C or ±2%.
Distance to Spot Ratio: D:S=11:1 (at 1m distance you are reading a 9cm spot)
Thermocouple: mini K- type socket for external sensor/probe testing (-64 to 1400°C)*.
Features: Dual display for temp & Min, Max, Ave, Dif, Hi/Lo Alarm, or Probe display;
Adjustable Emissivity for increased job specific accuracy; backlit display.

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2-in-1, IR Gun Thermometer with Thermocouple Connection, 500°C

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  • $199.00
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